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Irregular Verbs

have has had had
say says said said
do does did done

see saw seen
make made made
find found found
know knew known
get got gotten
go went gone
write wrote written
think thought thought
come came come

You can get an MP3 file of this at http://www.manythings.org/repeat/.

take, took, taken
put, put, put
tell, told, told
give, gave, given
read, read, read
keep, kept, kept

begin, began, begun
let, let, let
hear, heard, heard
cut, cut, cut
eat, ate, eaten *
run, ran, run

bring, brought, brought
become, became, become
grow, grew, grown
draw, drew, drawn
show, showed, shown
mean, meant, meant

* Note that I clearly pronounced the “t” in “eaten.”
Sometimes people don’t, especially when speaking at a normal speed.

feel, felt, felt
hold, held, held
stand, stood, stood
understand, understood, understood
lose, lost, lost
catch, caught, caught

buy, bought, bought
send, sent, sent
fall, fell, fallen
choose, chose, chosen
sleep, slept, slept
speak, spoke, spoken

meet, met, met
lead, led, led
bite, bit, bitten
hit, hit, hit
drive, drove, driven
break, broke, broken

sit, sat, sat
spend, spent, spent
ring, rang, rung
wear, wore, worn
sell, sold, sold
beat, beat, beaten

win, won, won
hurt, hurt, hurt
sing, sang, sung
blow, blew, blown
rise, rose, risen
ride, rode ridden

fly, flew, flown
drink, drank, drunk,
forget, forgot, forgotten
throw, threw, thrown
hang, hung, hung,
swim, swam, swum
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